Outsourcing Enablement

Best practices, by default.

A majority of software outsourcing projects fail due to avoidable communication and management issues. Well, not anymore!

Protect Yourself with Escrow Payments
Track delays and OTP (On Time Performance) for each milestone, thereby ensuring timely delivery of the project.
Change Management

Avoid Disagreements with
Change Management

Remove any room for confusion with structured change management. Clearly track a change request’s impact on timeline and budget.
Smart Communication

Stay on the same page
with Smart Communication

  • Project chat centralizes all communication and keeps the Project Governor cc’d in case a review is required during a dispute.
  • Mandated Weekly Status updates ensure that no communication vacuum exists with the outsourced team.
Project Governor

  • You’re busy and we know it. Leverage the experience of a trained and experienced project governor to keep track of the project for you.
  • The governor ensures that the expectations are always aligned, best practices are followed throughout and all disputes are resolved right away.
*Currently only available to premium members. For basic members, an automated Artificial Intelligence powered bot is available.
Workflows and Platforms

Integrate with Existing
Workflows and Platforms

Use a project management or a continuous integration tool? Get everything to work together in sync with an easy to use API.
Ideation Forum

Continue Iterating with
Ideation Forum

  • After launching your product, the Ideation forum will help you collect feedback and ideas so you can continue iterating.
  • The forum helps build a community and incentivizes people to share thoughts around how to make the user experience better.