Only the best 4% Make It Through Our Vetting Process

Vetting process

1. Experience Audit

  • Portfolios are thoroughly screened against high benchmarks.

  • Past clients are interviewed to ensure they had a great experience.

2. Process Review

  • It is ensured that each team follows sophisticated agile practices.

  • English proficiency and communication skills are tested.

  • Understanding of remote work tools and processes are assessed.

3. Code Review

  • Open source contributions are reviewed to get a better sense of coding style and thought process.

  • Code is evaluated to ensure consistent software architecture and documentation practices.

4. Trial Project

  • At times, a trial project is done to ensure a great overall experience.

The Best Brands Have Trusted Our Teams
VenturePact was great with communication and addressed our need for development help very quickly. The team we connected with has exceeded our expectations in every way: talent, communication and responsiveness.